We clean and repair all brands and styles of window blinds that are on the market today, both residential and commercial.
We also service blinds and shades for marine applications and motor homes.
We sell all types of new blinds and shades and provide installation service.
Most every type of blind you own is notorious for being a hassle to clean. All horizontal blinds collect dust and trying to keep them clean on a regular basis can be challenging, to say the least.
Vertical blinds seem to be magnets for pet hair and always get dirtiest on the lower third of the blind.
Specialty products like cellular shades and Silhouettes, Luminettes and Vignettes get dirty and need special attention when it comes to cleaning.
At some point we have all tried to clean different types of blinds in the bathtub or even hose them down in the backyard and hang them on the clothesline to dry. This will usually produce poor to mediocre results and you risk the possibility of damaging your blinds in the process.
Furthermore when you’re finished, you probably don’t want to do this job again…..EVER! This is a frustration that everyone can relate to. That is why Ultrasonic cleaning is the smart choice.


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Why Clean Your Blinds Ultrasonically?

  • Destroys bacteria and removes nicotine, soot, odors, pollen, dust and other particles that contribute to a number of health problems.
  • Cleans entire blind and lubricates mechanisms.
  • Greatly extends the life of the blind.
  • Ultrasonics is the most effective method for cleaning your blinds and shades. Its fast, effective and completely safe.
  • The solutions used in the cleaning process are formulated for this application only so there is no possibility of color fading or deterioration of the blind or shade when it is cleaned.
  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning is recommended by all major blind manufacturers.
  • Blind cleaning is affordable (about 15-20% of the cost of blind replacement).

 These Graber cellular shades had been exposed to cigarette smoke for over 10 years. After ultrasonic cleaning, the shade on the right is 100% clean and there is no trace of any cigarette odor. Also the shade operates like it’s brand new.

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